Planning & Disaster Recovery Branch

The Planning & Disaster Recovery Branch is responsible for the All-Hazard Planning section and the Disaster Recovery section of SEMA. Examples of branch work products include the preparation or update of: comprehensive disaster assistance plans; standard operating guides (SOGs) to execute responsibilities in State plans; state damage assessments; training of State personnel in disaster recovery and mitigation; assistance in revising State Administrative Plans for Public Assistance, Individuals and Households, and emergency management seminars for local elected officials.

The Planning section is responsible for the All-Hazard Planning Program and the Statewide Area Coordinator Program. The Planning section provides planning guidance and assistance to state departments, agencies, and local governments in the development and maintenance of emergency operation plans that address all hazards that pose a threat. It also develops and maintains the State of Missouri Emergency Operations Plan and State Hazard Analysis.

The Disaster Recovery section is responsible for disaster recovery issues including oversight of the FEMA Individuals and Households Program (IHP), and management/adminstration of the Public Assistance Program.

Chuck May is the Planning & Disaster Recovery Branch chief.

Branch Programs

All-Hazard Planning Program

The All-Hazard Planning Program has primary responsibility for providing planning guidance and assistance to state departments, agencies, and local governments so that they can develop and maintain all-hazard (e.g. tornadoes, severe weather, flooding) emergency operations plans (EOPs).

Statewide Area Coordinator Program

SEMA’s Area Coordinators (AC) are the state's liaisons to local jurisdictions for emergency management activities. They assist local jurisdictions in all aspects of emergency management, including emergency operations plan development and revision, training and exercises. The state of Missouri is divided into nine areas, A-I, that correspond with the Missouri State Highway Patrol troops. The nine area coordinators provide assistance to Missouri’s 114 counties and their associated jurisdictions, and the independent City of St. Louis.

State Public Assistance Program

The State Public Assistance program provides an organizational structure for the administration of federal grants to eligible public entities for the repair and restoration of damaged public facilities within a federally-declared disaster area. Such entities include state agencies, local governments, and certain private, non-profit organizations.

Individuals and Households Program

The Individuals and Households Program (IHP) program provides state-federal assistance to individuals and families for uninsured critical emergency needs when authorized in a federally-declared disaster.

For more information about the Planning & Disaster Recovery Branch, and/or its various programs, contact the agency at (573) 526-9234, or write to: State Emergency Management Agency, P.O. Box 116, Jefferson City, MO, 65102.