Cole County

Emergency Management Director or Flood Plain Administrators for Cole County are listed below. View the contact for your city by scrolling. If your city does not appear in the list use the contact information of the county representative.

Emergency Coordinator

Cole Co.
     Bill  Farr  
     1736 Southridge Dr  Jefferson City  MO  65109
     Phone: (573) 634-9146  

Flood Plain Administrator

Cole Co.
     Larry J.  Benz, P.E.  
     5055 Monticello Rd. Jefferson City MO 65109
     Phone: (573) 636-3614  

Jefferson City
     Donald A.  Fontana, P.E.  
     320 E. McCarty St. Jefferson City MO 65101
     Phone: (573) 634-6410  

     Mike  Kalaf  
     P.O. Box 95 Lohman MO 65053
     Phone: (573) 893-2249  

     Wayne q  Thoenen  
     5112 Gresina Drive Jefferson City MO 65101
     Phone: (573) 395-3272  

     Randy J.  Libbert  
     6715 Pine Ridge Road Wardsvillle MO 65101
     Phone: (573) 526-7004  

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