Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and the important spatial data they contain can be critical tools in emergency management. During an emergency or disaster in Missouri, SEMA’s GIS Program harnesses GIS technology to better assess and visualize damage statewide, develop response priorities and logistics planning, and to track progress throughout the response. SEMA GIS also provides important geospatial services that aid in mitigation efforts.

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The United States National Grid (USNG) was approved by the Missouri GIS Advisory Committee in May 2009 as a standard reference grid for emergency response. The intent of this standard is to improve interoperability between all jurisdictions during emergency events.

Disaster Support Atlases: Map books with USNG grids have being created for all counties in Missouri in GEOpdf format. Find more information and download these files here.

ESRI offers a free add-on for ArcGIS Desktop for working with USNG. "U.S. National Grid Tools for ArcGIS" allows users to plot a national grid on a map, locate coordinates, and view multiple coordinate systems. Download ESRI USNG tool »

Delta State University has created a video for creating USNG mapbooks in ArcView. The video shows how to download USNG data and use the free ESRI DSMapBook extension to create mapbooks for a county. See Video »

GIS and Wide Area Search

GIS and Wide Area Search was presented by Scott Olsen (Boone County Fire) and Debbie Briedwell (SEMA) at the 2010 SEMA conference. View Presentation

Online Data for Missouri

Color 2 foot imagery (2007-2008) is available through the University of Missouri. Access this ArcIMS Service using this URL: and look for service name "State_2ft".View instructions for using this ArcIMS Service in ArcView

ArcGIS Online offers many free basemaps and tasks. Read more about the services available here or you can View instructions for using these ArcGIS Services in ArcView

Printable Maps

Missouri Emergency Response Regions

Statewide Regional Coordinators - SEMA Regional Coordinators are the state's liaisons to the local jurisdictions for emergency managemnet activities. They assist the local jurisdictions in ALL aspects of emergency management including emergency operations plan development and revision, training and exercises. Currently, nine Regional Coordinator's provide assistance to 114 counties and their associated jurisdictions.

Counties of Missouri - This is a basic letter-sized map of the counties in Missouri.

Color your own: Counties of Missouri - This PowerPoint file allows you to create your own customized State map by filling in colors for each county, adding a title and a legend. Instructions are included on the map.