Situation Report




Situation Report #: N09110034

Jefferson City

May 01, 2011

Situation Report

April 2011 Storms and Flooding - May 1, 2011 5:00 p.m.


Severe storms have resulted in flooding issues across the Southern part of the state.  The Missouri State Highway Patrol and Water Patrol Division pre-staged assets to assist evacuations and water rescues as needed.  Two deaths have been attributed to the flooding. The State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA) is currently activated providing assistance to the counties as requested.  Primary areas affected are Regions C, D, E and G in eastern and southern Missouri. 

River Stages

Southeastern Missouri

Mississippi and Ohio Rivers are still rising. The Mississippi River at Cairo is still expected to crest at 60.5 on May 3.  Other river projected crests are expected to begin Friday, April 29th through the first week of May. This forecast incorporates the rain received last night and is dependent upon no further major rainfall totals. 

Barkley Dam (Kentucky) Operations:

The latest outflow from Barkley Dam is 40,600 as of 9 am May 1. 

The latest outflow from Kentucky Dam 138,638 as of 9 am May 1.

Lake Wappapello Stage currently shows no change Lake Level at 396.44 at 10 am May 1.


Flood Stage
Record Stage
Present Stage
Ohio at Cairo
40 ft
59.83 rising
60.5 ft  May 3
Mississippi at:
As of 11 am
27 ft
39.81 falling
Crested May 1
Cape Girardeau
32 ft
45.28 steady
46.0 May 1
33 ft
44.43 steady
Crested May 1
New Madrid
34 ft
45.28 steady
48.0 May 4
46.74 steady
50.0 May 5
32 ft
44.38 rising
46.88 May 5
Black River
08 ft
7.26 falling 10:15 a
8 ft. May 2
Poplar Bluff
16 ft
13.49 rising 10:15a
18 ft May 3
Current River
13 ft
9.96 rising 10:46a
11.9 May 3


Southeast Missouri: 5/1 Periods of showers and thunderstorms.  Some of the storms could produce heavy rainfall.  Calm winds becoming south between 4-7 mph.

Southwest Missouri: 5/1 A chance of showers and thunderstorms throughout the day with new rainfall amounts between a tenth and a quarter of an inch expected. 

Northwest/Central Missouri: 5/1 There is a slight chance for thunderstorms over parts of northeast and central Missouri this afternoon as a cold front moves through the region. Severe thunderstorms are not expected.

Northeast/Central Missouri: 5/1 There is a chance for thunderstorms across the area today, with thunderstorms more likely over southeast Missouri this evening.


205 Pearl Street
301 South Main
210 Beech Street
DEXTER, MO 63841
1625 N. Kingshighway

                                                                                                            Total 40

Butler County
No significant change overnight with the Clearwater Lake levels. The Corp advised the rain that fell overnight was localized enough to have no significant effect. Forecasted rainfall amounts over the next 24-48 hours (1 to 3 inches) may cause flooding to return to the area. Local officials are making plans if that should occur. Clearwater Lake is currently at 561.66 and rising slowly. The current forecast is for the lake to crest at 562.4 on Monday May 2, which is 4.5 feet below the overflow spillway of 567. 

Bollinger County- Major issues are road closures throughout the county.
There have been reported phone outages in the county due to high water affecting phone lines in the Zalma area.

Cape Girardeau CountyWater levels are falling slightly in the Red Star and Meadowbrook areas in Cape Girardeau City, and surrounding areas. There were 12 people sheltered overnight at the Osage Community Center in Cape Girardeau City.
Headwater is dropping.  Levee at Dutchtown is holding at Hwy 74 and Hwy 25 but is impassible due to levee being constructed over it.  Water is not due to crest until May 1 or 2.  Water levels are currently holding steady in the Red Star and Meadowbrook areas in Cape Girardeau City. The levee at Dutchtown is holding and appears to be stable. There were 4 people sheltered overnight at Osage Community Center in Cape Girardeau City.
The wastewater plant in Cape Girardeau is currently shutdown. Water levels are currently impacting in the Red Star area near Cape Girardeau City, approximately 10 homes are affected.  Sandbagging operations are ongoing in Red Star.  Dutchtown (pop 50), located south of Jackson, has backwater but pump is in place and Dutchtown is not currently at risk.  Allenville (pop 70) has been described as an island, and all but 18 people have evacuated the area. Water is rising in the Allenville area due to the levee breech from eastern Bollinger County.

Dunklin County- Contingency planning is ongoing in light of forecasted rainfall amounts and the level of Wappapello Lake. 
St. Francis River near Kennett is beginning to recede. The levee is holding and official continue to monitor the situation.

Iron County – While there is no major threat with water, the Iron Mountain Dam is being monitored.

Madison County – Officials are continuing their damage assessment activities.

Mississippi CountyThe Cairo River gauge is currently at 59.83. The Corps of Engineers' Barge is currently berthed at Wickliffe.  Corp reports at 11:00 am that the barge is being held in place at Wickliffe.
Birds Point Levee- The Corp of Engineers notified that the decision has been made to move the barge with explosives to Wickcliffe and that process will take approximately 6 hours.  The Corp advises that additional decision points will occur before intentionally breaching the levee.  The Corp will advise of the next decision point at 11:00 am 5/1 unless circumstances change and earlier notification is warranted.  Governor Nixon has ordered additional National Guard be pre-positioned within the New Madrid Floodway area.  All individuals have been evacuated from the floodway and the National Guard has set up command posts and checkpoints around the evacuated area to secure homes and personal property of those residents living in the floodway.  Livestock and hazardous materials have also been removed from the floodway.

New Madrid CountyThe setback levee has now been closed with the exception of Army Corp of Engineers, Missouri National Guard and Law Enforcement Personnel.  Canalou reports that there are 6 residents remaining in their homes.  City of New Madrid reports that a barge on the Mississippi River attempted to turn around and hit 6 light poles and trees along the front line levee. After regaining control the barge operator parked the barge against the New Madrid city levee.  The Coast Guard has put out a broadcast message to towing vessels to stay away from levees.  Reported leaks on the New Madrid city levee have been inspected and determined to be minor. Canalou reports 50% of the 150 homes are currently impacted by floodwaters in the area.  Sikeston has moved their hazmat unit to Charleston to assist in monitoring gasoline odor reports in the sewer.
New Madrid County roadway conditions remained unchanged overnight. Flood waters continue to slowly rise in the community of Canalou. Sandbagging efforts by local officials and the Missouri National Guard continued throughout the night. The New Madrid County sheriff evacuated the remaining residents of Canalou during the early morning hours due to the rising waters.
Evacuation was recommended for the community of Canalou (pop 200). Water is in the town of Canalou and 20 homes have water in them or up to them. If the area continues to flood, around 150 homes could be affected.  Highway H has water on it, but at this point is still passable. Citizens voluntarily left the area last night 4/28.  A Temporary shelter for the residents was planned to be opened in Mathews. The shelter was closed due to no one seeking shelter.

Pemiscot CountyThe town hall meeting was canceled for 1600 hours and has been rescheduled for 10:00 am on Monday, May 2.  The levee and the levee wall in Caruthersville are closed to the public and the National Guard is patrolling the levee.  The Lady Luck Casino was closed this morning 5/1 at 5 am.  Emergency Management officials continue to watch the river stages.
 Water is up 7/10" to 43.9"in Caruthersville.  Water has reached the lowest level of the floodgates.  At 18:00 hours on 4/29/11 the MONG began patrolling levees in Caruthersville.    The National Guard is assisting officials in patrolling levees today 4/30. There is nothing imminent at this time.

Ripley County – Officials reported conditions are stable.

Scott County Water levels continue to recede in the area. Contingency shelters are still on standby at Miner Baptist Church, and Miner First United Methodist Church.  2 Disaster Assistance Response Teams (DART) are in Sikeston with 6 skiffs to respond if needed.  
Water continues to recede in most areas.  County reports that water is receding at Commerce.   Officials are beginning damage assessment. Shelter at Scott County Central High School had a population of 10 people. Scott County Emergency Management Director has recommended evacuation of the Commerce (150 pop) area due to drainage water backing up.

Stoddard County Contingency planning is ongoing in light of forecast rainfall and Lake Wappapello levels. There were 3 people sheltered overnight at the Advance High School Shelter.  Morehouse is reporting a drop in the water levels over the last 24 hours of 24"on the west side of town. In the event of problems that may develop at Clearwater or Wappapello Lakes, Stoddard County will use the same notification system that was used during previous events which includes residents and first responders.  They will also use a grid system to go house to house as needed to notify residents in the affected areas. 
Water has receded at Brownwood.  Experiencing backup in ditches that are being investigated by county officials and National Guard Units.   A 20 ton crane has been requested to be staged at Fire Station #1 317 N West Street, Sikeston, MO to move a 10,000 pound pumping unit if needed.  MONG reported that crane is being moved 4/30/11 from the Festus area to the staging area.
 Highway 60 remains open this morning 04/30. Flood levels at Morehouse have dropped 8" in the past 24 hours. There were 5 people sheltered overnight at the Advance Shelter, and 3 people at the Lighthouse Christian  Church in Dexter.
Wayne County
Overnight rain had caused water levels to rise. This caused Hwy 67 and businesses in Greenville to be impacted.  The city utilized a 12 inch pump to reduce water levels. As of this morning water levels in Greenville had receded and the situation is stable. Lake Wappapello is currently at 396.37 as of 9 am. The level remains steady at this time. 
Lake Wappapello- Contingency planning ongoing in light of expected rainfall.  The berm that was constructed to a level of 398.3 was reduced to 397.4 due to pressure on the dam itself.  Corp is still releasing water at 10,000 cfs.  The communities affected by a potential overtopping include the City of Fisk (383) in Butler County and communities Wilhelmena (pop approx 100-15 homes) and Glennonville (pop 200 and 30 homes)  in northwest Dunklin Co. Water would likely close Hwy 60 (It is estimated that water would take 24 hours to reach Fisk if there was a significant overtopping). Region E Multi Agency Coordination Center is working with local emergency management officials and Army Corp of Engineers to do advance planning for notification of affected residents that would be impacted by increased discharges at Wappapello Lake. The electric co-op has made their client list and their staff available to notify customers downstream of the dam.  As of this morning 4/30 7 am Wappapello Lake level is 396.53 and has receded .15 overnight. The berm that was constructed at the emergency spillway is holding.
As of this morning 4/29, at 11 am officials report the dam level is 396.7. The berm that was constructed has been increased to hold the water to a level of 398. The projected crest is for Sunday May,2  at 397.5. Troop E reports MO 34 is open for traffic. Sandbagging efforts at MO 34 were successful in keeping the highway open. Business 67 in Greenville is open for traffic. Greenville city officials and volunteers continue to pump water out the city limits. As of this morning 4/28, at 10 am officials completed sandbagging the emergency spillway to prevent an uncontrolled release. The sandbagging efforts will raise the containment to 397.3.  Lake levels are expected to crest on Saturday at 396.6. Corp is still releasing water at 10,000 cubic feet per second.  Lake Stage this morning 4/28 is 394.6.  The communities affected by a potential overtopping include the city of Fisk (pop 383), and water would likely close Hwy 60.  It is estimated that water would take 24 hours to reach Fisk if there was a significant overtopping.  The city of Greeneville (pop 451) may be impacted if water behind the dam continues to rise.  Water is approaching Hwy 67 in Greeneville and businesses along 67 are starting sandbag operations.

Region G-

Reynolds County – Officials have begun damage assessment. No issues reported overnight.

River Stages:

Southwest Missouri:
Rivers and streams in this area are generally receding. The exception would be Lake Taneycomo and its tributaries.
Table Rock Lake
930.08 falling 11am
Flood Stage (ft)
Record Stage (ft)
Present Stage (ft)
Crest (ft)
Spring River
5.23 falling 10:45am
Below Flood Stage
5.14 falling 10:30am
Below Flood Stage
Shoal Creek
5.00 falling 10:00am
Below Flood Stage
James River
6.61 8am falling 11am
Below Flood Stage
5.22 falling 10:45am
Below Flood Stage
9.65 falling 10:15am
Below Flood Stage
Elk River
Tiff City
7.42 falling 10:30am
Below Flood Stage
Bull Creek
Walnut Shade
4.54 falling 10:15am
Below Flood Stage

Region D

Taney County Table Rock Lake is currently at 930.20 (9 am 5/1) and continues to recede.
Table Rock Lake level is at 932.32 as of 7 am, 4/30 and continues to fall.
Table Rock Lake has crested (2pm, 4/27), and water is starting to recede.  Table Rock Lake at 935' and will maintain current release until they get down to 931'.  However, continued release is not expected to impact additional homes. 50-60 homes have been affected.  Currently there are 8 people being sheltered.  One large subdivision of about 150 homes is cut off and partially flooded, but they are building an access to get in/out.  Taneycomo water level expected to remain the same as long as Table Rock is releasing water.  Bull Shoals water level is rising however no impact on homes is expected.  Corp plans to keep releasing water into the lake for the time being,

Branson Landing Area: Restaurants on lake side closed because propane tanks under water.  Shops are open, parking garages are under water

McDonald County – Shelter was closed the evening of April 26th
State Agencies –

ESF #1, Transportation:  MoDot reports 250 roads closed as of 8am 5/1.  MoDOT and Dept of Ag have increased the overweight rule for farmers impacted in the Region E area. Hwy 67 North Poplar Bluff is still head to head.  Monitoring Hwy 60 at Fisk, may have to reduce travel to head to head traffic. Mississippi county US 60-62 was open to allow residents evacuating from Cairo to Wyatt, MO.  Hwy 60 water has receded 3' horizontally from the roadway.  MoDOT currently reports 266 roads currently closed due to flooding and 9 routes closed that enter the floodway. I 55 sandbagging project has been completed and is being monitoredHighway 60 West of Sikeston is down to one lane of traffic both ways. Highway 67 near Poplar Bluff is also down to one lane both ways. There are 285 flood related road closures in addition to nine roads that have been requested to be closed leading into the New Madrid Floodway. I-55 is being monitored and sandbagging efforts are in place; 12-14" left before road closes.

ESF #2, Communications: Highway patrol setting up repeater trailer for MO Dept of Conservation at East Prairie.

ESF #3, Public Works & Engineering: The Corp of Engineers office is in the process of being moved due to the possible loss of the Corp Office.  The Head of Operations is still at the office, with the remaining operations being split between the visitor's center and Redmon Creek Picnic area. Morehouse is on a precautionary boil order.  Wayne County Rural Water District #3 after evaluating their system is considering an emergency temporary connection to attach to Piedmont for the 110 homes currently out of water.  Army Corp of Engineers reports that there has been no change at Wappapello.  The water level has crested and is starting to decrease.  Water levels have decreased 2/10 of a ft since last report but does not include forecasted amount of rain. District #3 near Piedmont is currently without water, 110 homes affected. Residents sending requests for water resources (see ESF #6). Restoration time unknown. 

ESF #4&9, Firefighting, Search & Rescue: Morehouse is in danger of flooding, affecting 100 homes. Coast Guard deployed 2 DART teams: 1 team with 2 boats standing by in Sikeston; 1 team with 1 boat doing rescue operations in Morehouse.

ESF #5, Emergency Management: SEMA has received no new request overnight.  SEMA has received 5 requests from 3:00 p.m. to midnight on 4/29/11  State Emergency Operations Center is operational from 6:00 am to midnight.

ESF #6, Mass Care:  American Red Cross currently has 6 shelters open housing 40 residents.  Feeding operations are ongoing with assistance from numerous volunteer agencies.  American Red Cross (ARC) has 8 shelters open, with a total population of 160, with a new shelter anticipated opening in Piedmont. ARC delivering water to Piedmont, with the first load arriving by noon today.

ESF #8, Health & Medical: There were 23 patients evacuated from Caruthersville Nursing Home to the Pemiscot Memorial Hospital in Hayti. This was a precautionary measure.

ESF #10, Hazmat:  DNR is currently monitoring and is staged to respond to oil spills and cleanup. DNR reports that in Dexter corner of Stoddard and Catapla streets underground storage tanks are rising through the asphalt.  OSC is responding to assess needs.  DNR has removed 47,000 gallons of diesel fuel, waste oil and gasoline from the impacted areas and has completed removing or tethering propane tanks in the affected areas of the New Madrid Floodway.  Dept of Natural Resources (DNR) removing hazardous chemicals from impacted areas. So far, 14,000 gallons of diesel fuel, 950 gallons of waste oil, and 100 gallons of gasoline, have been moved; in process of locating additional resources to move LP tanks.

ESF #11, MoDOT and Dept of Ag have increased the weight limit on the roadways in the affected areas. All livestock removal requests in the New Madrid Floodway has been completed

ESF #13, Mo Conservation has been on the ground working side-by side with locals, Sheriffs Department, Hwy and Water Patrol and the National Guard since last Monday evacuating citizens by land and water, performing activities as needed.  MDC has over 20 boats standing by in the Sikeston area with operators ready to respond as needed.  MSHP continues to monitor the situation. Public Safety:  Corrections reports that they will have twenty-five offenders to Miner by 6:00 p.m. and there are eighty offenders working in Dexter, Dutchtown, and East Prairie.

Military Support:  There are currently 732 National Guard serving the area at this time and Governor Nixon has ordered additional MONG to New Madrid Floodway area in the event the Corp decides to detonate Birds Point Levee. 
Butler county – MONG stationed at Checkpoint on Hwy 53
Mississippi County – MONG is working traffic control points, evacuation operations and floodway security at Birds Point.
New Madrid – Sandbagging at Canalou, evacuation operations and floodway security.
Pemiscot – MONG working levee security at Caruthersville
Scott County – MONG is sandbagging at Commerce and working traffic control points.

ESF #17, Animal Protection: There are currently 104 animals being sheltered at the Rodeo Club in Sikeston. Humane Society conducted 6 ground rescues, and 1 water rescue of animals yesterday 4/30.
Poplar Bluff has closed its animal shelter and the Rodeo Club in Sikeston is currently housing 30 animals.  The Humane Society is currently removing 3 dogs and 20 chickens and geese from the affected area.  Humane Society Animal Shelter housed 48 animals, and deployed 3 ground teams to Poplar Bluff. One rescue of dogs and pups completed last night. Poplar Bluff is releasing 20 animals to their owners, leaving a current population of 30 animals being sheltered.

For more information, call (573) 751-4819 or e-mail