Situation Report




Situation Report #: N09130006


August 07, 2013

Flooding Situation Report Aug 7 12 PM

Situation Report


Incident Name: August 6, 7 2013 Flash Flooding
Date/Time Report: 08/07/2013 12:00 p.m.

Full Situation Report with Graphics:

24 hr Rainfall Totals: (7am 8/6 thru 7am 8/7)

Ft. Leonard Wood (Pulaski County)   2.22
Rolla (Phelps County)                         4.60
West Plains (Howell County)              0.98
Osage Beach (Camden County)        4.48                                                           

Weather Forecast

Tonight, yet another complex of thunderstorms will develop across Kansas and move into Missouri during the overnight hours. There is a risk of localized damaging wind gusts associated with this complex. The main concern will be additional heavy rainfall leading to a renewed risk for flash flooding.  High winds will also be a threat

Event Summary

Flash flooding has occurred in southern Missouri as a result of thunderstorms that have produced locally heavy rain.   The NWS has issued multiple Flash Flood Warnings for Missouri, one of which was a Flash Flood Emergency.  Multiple major road closures including east and westbound I-44 and Hwy 63.    There has been one confirmed fatality and one injury due to the storm.


St. Robert Community Center
114 J.H. Williamson Jr. Drive
St. Robert, MO 65584

Overnight Population: 10

Christ the King Lutheran Church
1700 Bagnell Dam Blvd.
Lake Ozark, MO 65049-9729

Current population: 20

 Areas of Concern:

Pulaski County / Waynesville:
Current Conditions / Impacts:
·     330 Residents without power
·     Est. 30 homes destroyed, 4 with major damage, and an additional 47 with minor damage
·     Numerous road closures, including Hwys 17, H and J.
·     Road Closures within Waynesville include Dyer, Pine, Old H Hwy, Glenda, Olive, Valley, Pippen, and N. Bento Rds.  County roads include Spring, Rio, Superior, Renegade, Springfield, Redding, RedWing, Riddle, Ridge Top, Railroad, and Cave.
·     Approx. level of Roubidoux is at 13.78 and is falling
Current Response:
·     Search and Rescue Operations continue for missing person.
·     300 people evacuated from homes
·     Currently 15 people being sheltered
Projected Conditions / Impacts:
·     If forecast rain develops flash flooding will develop quickly due to saturated soil conditions.
Laclede County:
Current Conditions:
·     16 sections on various roads that are impassable due to high water or damage
·     Route FF, BB and Route B closed due to high water
·     Additionally, Laclede County Road & Bridge reports the following roads closed due to either high water or damage: Pacific, Lonesome, Lancaster, Pawnee, Kinfolk, Bobcat, Elk, Dawn, Vista, Sioux, Bridge on Skylark is out, Snowberry 
·     Eastern part has about 70 miles of gravel roads that are damaged, to include road washouts, bridge approaches and ends washed out, debris clogging up channels and slab damage. Work on these roads is on-going.
·     Western part has about 80 miles of gravel roads with damage—some severe – Jade, Jewel, Stone, Keepsake, Ruby, Ridgewood, and Nodaway are severely damaged. Work on these roads is on-going.
Current Response:
·     The county has recommended to area residents in Hazelgreen community to evacuate due to Gasconade River flooding.  Impacts approx 20 to 40 homes, and 300 people
·     12 different campgrounds around the Niangua River are being evacuated
Projected Conditions / Impacts:
·     City of Conway reports 3 homes were re-flooded overnight due to high water on a branch of Osage fork.

Maries County:
Current Conditions:
·     Hwy. 63 closed this morning between Vienna and Vichy at the Gasconade River Bridge.
·     895 homes City of Vienna are without power.
·     The Gasconade River at Jerome is at 31.69 feet as of 11:45 AM 8/7 – Gasconade River at Jerome is projected to crest at 32.3 ft the afternoon of 8/7
·     Hwy. 133 at HH is closed due to high water
·     Hwy. N is closed due to high water
·     Several locations on Hwy 42 are closed due to high water
·     Low water crossings have water over them with the worst being in the southwest section of the county
Current Response:
·     Water rescue was completed around 0400 on County Road 225
·     A house rescue was completed on Road 213
·     MO Dept. of Conservation, MSHP, and the Rolla Rural Fire Dept. assisted several people in the Nagogomy area.
Projected Conditions / Impacts:
·     There are 35 residential structures in Nagogomy area with 16 of those being year round residences.  This is a camping/canoeing area on the Gasconade River near Highway 63. 
·     Another Area of concern is at the intersections CR623 and CR624 that runs off of Highway 28 and Route HH --sparsely populated, approximately 6 homes, but mostly farmland. 

Miller County:
Current Conditions:
·     30 roads are closed in the county
·     Part of Hwy's. 42 and 17 are closed
·     Ameren opened the Bagnell Dam flood gates at 11:00 a.m.  It was recommended to the residents in the Camp Bagnell, Meads Flat and Lower Tuscumbia area to evacuate. Ameren representatives do not anticipate the Osage River to rise more than 3 ft. due to the release.
Current Response
·     Miller County has declared a state of emergency and the EOC is activated.

Morgan County:
Current Conditions:
·     Road and Bridge damage
Current Response
·     Currently assessing the extent of damage

Phelps County
Current Conditions:
·     Rainfall across the county ranged from 3 to 7 inches in different areas.
Current Response:
·     Newburg issued a mandatory evacuation early this morning, 15 homes were evacuated.

State of Missouri:
SEMA is currently staffed 24 hours until further notice.

Ameren Update:
Eleven Bagnell Dam floodgates opened at 11:30 am.  All were opened partially to lessen fish mortaility.  Discharing 46,900 cf per second, which added 10,000 cfs flow thru the spillway.

Expected 3 foot total rise in river.  Due to the rainfall, the river rose 6 feet from 4am to 8am.  The river fell 1.7 feet prior to the gates opening.


Missouri Region D Incident Support Team
Pulaski County
Full team, supplemented by one Region C IST member, confirmed on site evening of 8/6/13.
Missouri Statewide Interoperability System (MOSWIN) - Cache Radios
Pulaski County
MOSWIN System Administration provided 21 portable radios, associated accessories, and transport in support of local response efforts on 8/6/13.     
Missouri Statewide Interoperability System (MOSWIN) - Control Stations
Pulaski County
MOSWIN System Administration provided 2 control station radios for use in the Pulaski County EOC on 8/6/13. 
Missouri State Highway Patrol - Personnel
Pulaski County
20 personnel supported local response efforts on 8/6/13.
Missouri State Highway Patrol - Helicopter
Pulaski County
One helicopter supported local response efforts on 8/6/13.
Missouri State Highway Patrol – Boats
Pulaski County
Seven boats supported local response efforts on 8/6/13. 
Sand Bags (Availability Inquiry)
Pulaski County
Local jurisdiction inquired concerning availability of sandbags for potential future needs.  Coordination completed with Corps of Engineers, supplies are available if needed. 
2500 Sandbags
Waynesville requested 2000 sandbags – 2500 available for pickup at Ft Leonard Wood effective afternoon 8/7/13
40 Tons of Sand
Waynesville requested 10 tons of sand – 40 tons provided
Dump or pickup trucks
Provided through local mutual aid (St. Roberts)
4 x Dump Trucks w/ drivers  for road repair
4 x 12 yard trucks with drivers procured.  will report at 0800 8/8/13
Wheel Loader for MHE to load rock into dump trucks
Wheel loader ordered - will deliver 8/8/13 approximately 0900.

I-44 at the 172 MM closed the morning of 8/7. Hwy 63 at Hwy 28 also closed the morning of 8/7. Another area of concern is I-44 at the 145 MM. All of these locations are affected by Gasconade River Levels.

For more information, call (573) 751-4819 or e-mail