Disaster Logistics & Resources Management Programs

Missouri Disaster Logistics Management Section Program

The Logistics Section is responsible for disaster logistics planning, training, preparedness, response and recovery operations. The section helps maintain the Disaster Logistics & Resources Plan; helps provide logistics training and exercises; assists in the planning, training, coordination and management of SEMA’s Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC) actions and activities; plans and coordinates with the Missouri National Guard, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and other Department of Defense organizations for military logistics support actions and activities in support of civil authorities during disasters.

Missouri Disaster Resources Management Program

The Resources Section is responsible for disaster resources planning, training, preparedness, response and recovery operations. The section works to enhance state and private vendor response to disasters while improving accountability and transparency. The section’s strategy is to enhance overall preparedness in Missouri by continually developing cooperation with the private sector, public entities and the volunteer community. The section helps maintain the Disaster Logistics & Resources Plan; coordinates actions associated with developing State Logistics Staging Areas (SLSAs) for response personnel and equipment; Points of Distribution (SPODs) for generators, heavy equipment, fuel, etc; Base camps, etc.; provides disaster resources training and exercises; coordinates the activities of the External Resource Acquisition Cell (ERAC) of the SEMA/MOP3 Business Emergency Operations Center (BEOC) and helps SEMA maintain accreditation in the Emergency Management Accreditation Program (EMAP).

Dan Harrison, section chief (573) 526-9374

Missouri Business Emergency Operations Center (BEOC) Program

The purpose of the Business Emergency Operation Center (BEOC) is to provide direct Private Sector expertise to the State to prepare for, respond to and recover from natural disasters and manmade emergency events such as terrorist activities. The BEOC is Co-Managed by the Missouri Public/Private Partnership (MOP3) authorized under the Governor's Homeland Security Advisory Council and SEMA. The BEOC provides a mechanism for the rapid dissemination of information, determination of resource needs and solutions, and fulfillment of critical requirements to the Private Sector during those events. In Missouri, participation of various Industry Sectors in the BEOC is performed, either by a physical presence in the SEOC or, through a virtual presence through Virtual Emergency Operations Center (VEOC) links (telephone, E-mail, website monitoring, access through a website portal, etc.)

In general, MOP3 provides the day to day lead on coordination and effective partnership between Missouri public and private sectors by incorporating a wide variety of representatives, from organizations from the Private Sectors, volunteer organizations and, government departments, into the Emergency Management plan. During the SEOC activation, a MOP3 cell at the BEOC will coordinate liaison between MOP3 partners and the SEOC. Two additional BEOC cells will also organize and locate themselves in the SEOC during activation. One cell works to manage response and recovery coordination between numerous, private sector, critical infrastructure/key resource organizations and the public sector's response and recovery efforts. The second cell, located within ESF 7, organizes and manages the Emergency Resources Assistance Cell of the BEOC, which will contain any private sector representatives of: state contractors, Missouri trade associations and /or, key private industry/Sector companies, as needed. For more information, please visit the "Resources" block below and click to open Business Emergency Operations Center (BEOC).

Randy Scrivner, Branch Chief/BEOC Co-Manager (573) 526-9141